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all these places had their moments

chicken noodle soup and a biscuit, originally uploaded by ozmafan.

the weekend arrived slowly and passed quickly, as they tend to do. the heat of friday and saturday was a welcome change and distraction from our normal spring weather, and we did our best to take advantage of it...

as my flickr page will show you, friday night was spent drinking mojitos (delicious!) in the backyard, which was followed by dancing in the backyard, which was followed by not remembering much of the rest of the evening. on saturday, i woke up before kevin, put on a sundress, and strolled up to top pot doughnuts. it was only 10:30, but the air was already thoroughly warm and i wished more mornings could be spent that way.

we caught a 1:10 ferry to bainbridge island and enjoyed the crossing on the sound. the walk into winslow was only aboug 1/3 of a mile, but the slightly sticky heat made it seem longer. the streamliner diner was the first eating establishment that appeared, so we sat down for a sandwich (me) and some soup (kevin, see above). the ferry back to seattle ran late, but the breeze through the windows in the waiting area made the increasing heat tolerable.

last but not least: saturday was syttende mai! i did not drink any solo, but we saw about half the parade in ballard. drill teams, unicycles, and viking ships galore took over market street and other neighborhood thoroughfares. back home, my parents visited for dinner. my mom and i made norwegian fare, which was followed by her homemade rhubarb pie.

yesterday turned out warmer than expected, and our time playing softball below kerry park got us thoroughly overheated. pagliacci came through with a free pizza for dinner (!) and i pulled a silly stunt involving kevin's lunch....

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