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it's been too long, but i suppose that's a given. how about some words about the weekend?

we saw pineapple express yesterday at pacific place. i was pretty sure i'd enjoy it, but laughed a lot more than i expected to. i hadn't focused much on reviews of it, but remember one that said some of the best moments of the film came from rosie perez, with which i now disagree. her character, while not a major one, was mostly unimpressive to me. franco and rogen played off each other well, and pulled off the action sequences for the most part. there were bits of swear words that seemed gratuitous, and like they were just trying to get a laugh without being smart or inspired, which i'm never a fan of, but was able to overlook for the most part.

seeing as how the rays were in town, we went to the game again on saturday night, which ended up being a more exciting game overall than on thursday (the walk-off funk blast on thursday was awesome, but didn't come until the very end). saturday's game saw the m's beat up on the rays' starting pitcher for the first few innings for a 5-0 lead, lose it all as rrs got tired and relievers couldn't work out of his jam, and then somehow tie it up in the 9th to force extra innings. the game had run long to that point, and two games at safeco in three days proved enough for me, so we left before the 10th. the rays finally won, so kevin was happy, as he was about getting to see chad bradford pitch submarine style.

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