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san juan sunset, originally uploaded by ozmafan.

this is one of the better sunset photos from our trip up to the san juans last weekend. more can be seen over on flickr.

yes! another trip to the san juans! when we were up there at the beginning of august, kevin and i decided that my birthday present would be a shorter weekend trip with a night in a hotel. we spent most of saturday (besides waiting for the ferry in anacortes) on san juan island - eating lunch at roche harbor (lovely as always, but it had been too long), visiting english camp, and stopping by wolf hollow where i did my internship six years ago. grrr i hate how time flies.

orcas may be my favorite isle, but i still really love san juan too. we happened upon a fox (!)by the side of the road, many cow and sheep, and some alpacas at the alpaca farm. there wasn't time to stop by lonesome cove or american camp, unfortunately. maybe next year. there's a new building at roche harbor and the office is moved at wolf hollow, but overall, little has changed since 2002, which is what i was hoping for.

in friday harbor waiting for the ferry to orcas, we wandered the shops, bought some wine, ate some ice cream, and stopped by the arcade. we'd have liked to stay longer in this funky used bookstore, but by then it was time to move the car into the ferry line. like i said, next year.

the ferry ride over to orcas went quickly, and it's always fun going through the wasp passage as you get SO close to some of the islands.

after checking into our room at the outlook inn in eastsound and being told by the front desk lady that it "used to belong to one of the saloon girls, so it's seen some action," (the building is 120 years old) we headed over to lulu's pasta rustica for dinner. i'd never eaten there before, but had admired it during our trip three weeks earlier and decided i wanted to try it out. good thing! all our food was delicious and the bread was insanely amazingly wonderful - so good that we asked the waiter where they got it. "cottage bakery" doesn't seem to exist, so i called them up today and got "island bakery" as an answer, which is not surprising. still working on finding out what KIND of island bakery bread it was.

sunday brought rain and more rain, which made for some atmospheric scenery, but very little to do in a place where most activities involve being outside. we got coffee and looked in the shops in eastsound that were open, including the bookstore, and then headed to olga for a snack at the cafe.

i really don't think driving through westsound made that much of a difference in time, but we missed the 4:20 ferry by FOUR cars. grrrr. the rains came and everyone wanted off the island, apparently. not that sunday afternoons aren't always bad for ferry traffic. this unfortunate timing left us with nearly five hours to kill in the ferry line. the bunnies provided some amusment, as did USA today, but it was still a very long time.

however! had we not missed the 4:20 ferry, we'd not have seen the lovely sunset that made me think of puff the magic dragon and a land called honah lee. it was quite lovely and a nice end to the too-short trip.

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