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the lyrics above are from a new sondre lerche song, which he performed first in his set at bumbershoot last night. it's called "heartbeat radio" and f.y.e. was selling shirts with the song title emblazoned across the front. i couldn't resist its black and white simplicity and coughed up $20 for one. the "polaroid pool party" EPs that he talked up while on stage sold out quite quickly. sad.

the rest of the weekend went a little something like this:

getting bumbershoot mainstage passes
lunch at the mecca
kevin's passport application in ballard
iced drinks at starbucks
strolling the ballard locks
lounging in leather chairs at starbucks on queen anne with more iced drinks
band of horses at memorial stadium
nada surf (!) at the mural amphitheatre
baking snickerdoodles
bbq/family gathering in north bend
sharing a bottle of wine back home
baking blueberry muffins
tacoma rainiers game (a win for the last game of the season!)
stopping by the parents' house
stopping by the news tribune
sondre lerche at bumbershoot

...and then i had an MD appt this morning to get pills to help with my flight anxiety, as we're heading down to CA next thursday. the clinic on queen anne that i'd been going to for almost three years closed this past june, so i decided to try swedish queen anne family physicians. good choice! i wish i'd been seeing this doctor i saw today all along. my other doctor wasn't bad, but i felt more of a rapport with this doctor and liked the clinic better in general. so yay, i have xanax now so i don't injure kevin on flights!

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