Chelsea (ozmafan) wrote,

25 Things About Me

I could no longer resist...

1. I think the internet is a wonderful invention and can’t imagine what life would be like without it. For the very most part, I’m glad that I am living during this time in history.

3. When I was 15 and a week away from starting drivers ed, I crashed my parents’ Toyota Camry (stick shift) onto the lawn of a house a few blocks from home. My mom was in the car at the time. The cops came, tickets were given, and I got to go to Tacoma’s juvenile detention center a couple of weeks later.

4. I have a feeling that were it not for Weezer, my life would be a bit different than it is now. Different friends and different experiences, perhaps. Weezer led to so much more music.

5. I need to start studying for the GRE if I’m going to be able to apply to grad school at SPU for the MA-TESOL program come this summer.

6. I have a strong love of current events periodicals: the Seattle P-I, Time, Newsweek. I devour them and then must wait a week (or day as the case may be) for the next one.

7. I am not a picky eater in general, but there are some foods I will not eat: plain raw bananas, mushrooms of any variety, raw broccoli, and blue cheese. I don’t eat meat, but this is due to moral standards, not pickiness. There are probably more foods but that’s all I can think of right now.

8. Though you wouldn’t much know it from looking at my apartment, I like things to be clean and tidy. I feel much calmer when they are.

9. Baking (cookies, cakes, muffins, etc.) is one of my most favorite activities and I have been told I’m very good at it. It’s too bad I don’t think it would be a fulfilling career.

10. I fantasize often about not needing to have a full-time job and spending my days doing things that matter to me: volunteering for animals and music and such, creating more (photos, paintings, sewing clothes), traveling, etc.

11. My tastes in clothing and shoes especially are quite particular and don’t usually follow trends, so I get excited when I find garments and footwear that I find aesthetically pleasing. I then follow-through by purchasing these items all too often.

12. I used to think I didn’t ever want to have children, but I’m pretty sure that has changed.

13. I think I still have a standing bet with my brother that if and when I have a piano in my house someday, I will owe him money. When I was young and hated to play the piano, I vowed I never would. Seeing as how I have a piano in my apartment now and he hasn’t made me pay up, he may have forgotten about the bet.

14. I love my boyfriend a lot and am so happy to be with him.

15. I look forward to having my own long-haired cat someday.

16. I appreciate quality food with interesting and wholesome ingredients, but sometimes want nothing more than to eat fast food for 3 days straight. Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Taco del Mar, and Subway: I love them all.

17. I love sun, warm weather, and palm trees but still adore Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

18. When I reread Barack Obama’s victory speech the next morning, it made me cry a little.

19. I can be quite shy and almost every friend I’ve ever made has been because they reached out to me, and not vice versa.

20. Air travel tends to terrify me to the point of needing Xanax to get through take-off. I love landings, though.

21. Most days during lunch, I walk around the area near work and feed peanuts and pumpkin seeds to squirrels I find. I often wish I could pick them up and pet their white bellies.

22. I find the following people to be very funny: Michael Showalter, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Ian Black, Larry David, Mitch Hedberg.

23. I have been to Orcas Island every summer of my life except for two or three. I would like this to continue and I still think about getting its outline tattooed on my arm.

24. I’m terrible at saving money, yet am always trying to do better.

25. I really enjoy strong smells such as perfume and lotions and such. They don’t bother me or give me headaches, but I don’t often wear them myself. This is due more to forgetting perfume than consciously not putting it on.
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