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I just updated Facebook with the fact that I'm jealous of anyone who will be going to Mariners opening day tomorrow. Death Cab is performing before the game and if John Roderick's Facebook and Twitter updates are to be believed, he'll be involved, and they'll all be playing "Centerfield" by John Fogerty. I'd love to see and hear that.

I've only been to Opening Day once - two years ago. With Kevin, of course. It was cold, kind of rainy, and there was some freezing liquid falling from the sky at one point. But that's Opening Day for you. It's an experience and there's promise of the coming summer. We went to a lot of baseball games in 2008. A lot for me at least. At least 12 or 13 of them. It was fun, mostly...

I do love baseball - playing it, seeing it, and hearing it on the radio. Last week at lunch, some co-workers and I talked about how some of us liked the general baseball experience and some didn't. Someone remarked that it has to do with whether or not you grew up with it. I completely agree...

My Dad loves baseball - especially the Mariners and he did a good job passing it on to me. I remember Mariners games in the Kingdome in the early nineties. They probably always lost, but the experience was good enough that I remember it fondly. Oddly enough, I even remember one time when after a game we went up to Kerry Park on Queen Anne hill so my Dad could take a picture of the city at night for his twenty year series. That means it must have been 1989. Little did I know that park would factor prominently in my future.

There would be nights many summers when my Dad would turn on the Mariners game on the radio - both at home and on vacation. "I just wanna get the score," he'd say if my Mom protested. But for the nights when she didn't care and the game stayed on, I'd often enjoy lying on my parents' bed or floor and soaking in the sounds of the game. After awhile, Dave Niehaus' voice become its own entity and it's the the dull moments that you almost appreciate more. The slow times between pitches when sometimes all you hear is the buzz of the airwaves though the warm air. That's summer. That's Mariners baseball.

Yes, growing up the with the games was almost definitely what ingrained in me my affinity for baseball. And I'm grateful for it. I know I'll always look back on those nights on the deck or in my parents' bedroom - Dave Niehaus on the radio, the horizon orange from the sunset, and all being well around Puget Sound.
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