Chelsea (ozmafan) wrote,

i've been less and i've been more

hibiscus and orchid, originally uploaded by ozmafan.

tropical flowers! i bought a new hibiscus and the orchid is about a month old.

life is lovely but busy and it's been too long since i've written here. what's new? there are some photos on my flickr page and i'm no longer doing (the "trial" ended) but have hooked up with and will be (grr, 40-hour per week job be damned) posting there regularly. i know have the same amount of hours in each day as every other person on this earth, so i shouldn't complain, but I WANT MORE HOURS IN THE DAY! so much to do, so much to write, so much to say.

kevin and i are playing racquetball every wednesday at the magnuson community center. our skill levels are ridiculously different, but it's still fun and i'm (very slowly) getting better. i haven't yet made my way to the pool (in almost a year - pathetic) but still do so soon. i also have new running shoes to break in.

my subject line is from "the angels hung around" a new favorite song of mine on under the blacklight by rilo kiley, an album i just keep coming back to. my love of it still surprises me, considering its differences from other rilo kiley albums, but love it and listen to it i do.

the weather in seattle will hit the mid-80s tomorrow and saturday. to say i'm excited is quite an understatement! we will drink mojitos outdoors, go on a ferry ride, and attend the syttende mai parade in ballard. and probably play some softball as well.

sasquatch! is next weekend which means summer is just around the corner...

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