Chelsea (ozmafan) wrote,

two can just bleed into one

showbox marquee, originally uploaded by ozmafan.

hearing "teaspoon" still transports me back to the summer of 2006, when putting the days to bed was new and fresh. i purchased the album just before i drove to vancouver to see ozma, and it was my soundtrack on that trip. something about "teaspoon" especially stuck and was again confirmed when the long winters played it on saturday night at the showbox. the freedom of just being able to drive, alone, up to vancouver, back down through bellingham, and home the next day across the skagit valley. the album will probably never again sound as good as it did then, out on the open road, during the freedom of a brief summer vacation.

i'm feeling especially nostalgic today and i don't know why. the nostalgia is always there but today it's more forward in my mind than normal. especially this morning, i was longing for places and routines of the past. not necessarily wanting them to return, but just thinking of them in a "wasn't that nice?" kind of way. i do this from time to time.

work is still a rollercoaster (mostly in my head and on the bottom end of things right now) and i am thinking more seriously about going back to school. the first step is to do some volunteering at the library and see how that goes.

any minute, i'm going to start counting the days until i'm on orcas island.

i could write and write and write some more....

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