Chelsea (ozmafan) wrote,

i wish that i believed in fate, i wish i didn't sleep so late

roses and alstroemeria, originally uploaded by ozmafan.

four weeks from tomorrow we should have a pretty good idea of who our new president will be. i hope. i remember when this election seemed so distant and far off that it wasn't even worth thinking about. it's not like that anymore. there's so much to think about, ponder, and contemplate that i imagine the next four weeks will fly by.

speaking of flying by...the weekend did that, but most of it was very enjoyable. we spent mid-Saturday to mid-Sunday in Tacoma, watching baseball, attending the annual Greek festival, and playing Cranium. the angels held off the red sox last night (!) and tampa bay still needs to take care of the white sox this evening.

these work weeks are all five days lately, as I must save up paid time off hours for Christmas and Hawaii(!) in February. it will be worth it eventually, i'm sure.

with fall here, i have certain things i want to bake, like apple pie and spice cake and chili. i whipped up some peanut butter cookies last night, which were as delicious as usual.

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