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feelings are intense, words are trivial

My recent trip to New York got me thinking about everything that goes on everyday that I don't see or think about, but is still there and still happening. It's not a good thing or a bad thing, but just interesting to me. Every day as I go about my life of wake up, get coffee, get on the bus, work, go home, there are all kinds of other things going on that I don't think about. Yet, when I experienced some of them on my trip, I was a little bit amazed.

A bus to the airport from Tacoma at 5 a.m. on a random Wednesday morning is jam-packed. Who knew? People have jobs to get to and flights to catch, all while I'm still asleep.

The seemingly arduous process of plane travel - check in, security, waiting, boarding, getting bags into the overhead bin, and then actually taking off and landing - happens hundreds if not thousands of times every day around the world. As I experienced it, I wondered how - how can all this just happen every day without there being any issues? Terrorism fears aside, it happens - again and again and safely at that.

Penn Station is a crazy place. People walking every which way with tons of trains on many tracks leaving at any given time. It's like this every day. Right now it's happening. Tickets are being purchased and punched. And everyone is getting where they need to go.

For all its issues, it seems our country has the mechanics of daily life down to a pretty fine science. And when you consider what all that entails, it's kind of mind boggling.
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