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i remain as ever intruiged but no more astounded

do something pretty while you can

22 August 1981
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i am not who you think i am.

i am who i know i am.


*graduated from the U of W with a French degree in December 2004
*works at the polyclinic since april 2005
*spends too much money on indie rock shows, CDs, vinyl records, and clothes from j.crew
*believes that squirrel friends are the best friends
*is going to be a librarian

i may appear to be lost, and the state i'm in could be confused with failure, could be confused with failure. but the truth is i'm not. i'm just biding time 'til i can unveil my brilliance, i can unveil my brilliance. - from "Van Gogh" by Slender Means

"...on your way up. what's more exciting than being on your way up? being up there isn't as exciting. certainly being in your decline isn't as exciting. so, in your ascendency...that's where all the thrill is." - john roderick
ali g show, all the real girls, amélie, andrew bird, andrew bujalski, anti-bush, baking layer cakes, barsuk records, being nostalgic, being with my family, belle & sebastian, bellingham, ben gibbard, ben kweller, black and white photography, bright eyes, chris walla, clif bars, colin meloy, conor oberst, curb your enthusiasm, david guterson, death cab for cutie, diet coke, dude where's my car?, edith piaf, elliott smith, falafel, ferris bueller, flight of the conchords, france, franz ferdinand, french, french film, french kissing, fruity lip gloss, garden state, going for walks, going to shows, growing pains, harvey danger, idlewild, independent music magazines, indie boys, indie film, indie rock, intelligent people, ivy, jack white, james mercer, jerry seinfeld, jewel pre-2002, john roderick, kexp, kittle, l'auberge espagnol, larry david, late night taco bell, lloyd dobler, mad tv, matthew caws, mike's hard lemonade, millencolin, minus the bear, nada surf, napoleon dynamite, nerf herder, norwegian forest cats, nutella, obscure seinfeld references, old school blink-182, orangina, orcas island, ozma, paris, paul mccartney, pepé the king prawn, pink martini, playing the piano, quotable cards, rabbits, reel big fish, rilo kiley, rivers cuomo, robbers on high street, rock music, rogue wave, rufus wainwright, running, saddle creek records, san juan islands, save ferris, saved by the bell, seattle, seattle mariners, seattle rock, seinfeld, sending people greeting cards, silly dogs, ska, sleepless in seattle, slender means, sondre lerche, squirrels, stella marrs postcards, stuart, subway, swimming, tacoma, tarkio, ted leo/pharmacists, the andrews sisters, the beatles, the beatles anthology, the big take-over, the crocodile, the decemberists, the get up kids, the hives, the long winters, the magnetic fields, the mighty mighty bosstones, the mountain goats, the movielife, the new pornographers, the office, the postal service, the royal tenenbaums, the seattle post-intelligencer, the shins, the smell of blackberries, the strokes, the thermals, the u district, the white stripes, things that aren't mainstream, tofu, typing, united state of electronica, university of washington, uw, vegetarianism, walking long distances, warm summer nights, washington state, washington state ferries, weezer, wit, writing